Daniel, Snap-House Media
We loved the amount of knowledge and awareness of government standards/best practices for submission. Each step of the process was well-explained, and questions were always answered in a timely manner. Having expertise for every stage not only makes submitting possible, but I can’t imagine anyone getting approved without such expert consultation!

Frank, Colonial Marketing Group
I thought the process was very methodical and each step was helpful in preparing you for the next one. The best part about the services was the people that I worked with.

Sera, RestoKleen USA
Your services simplified a complicated process. Your quick turnarounds and responses were appreciated.
Everyone we dealt with was very professional and kind.

Cas, Halcyon Group International
The professionalism, across the gamut of everyone that assisted with this.   The sense of timeliness was evident as we received updates and the process was depth of knowledge and expertise everyone had in their subject matter.

Jackie, Orion Communications, Inc.
The expertise and knowledge transfer has been fabulous.  From beginning to end — very professional and a pleasure to work with!

Trey, W.B. Arthur LLC
Knowledge of the approval process and good guidance of the approval process.

DAN, SCDS Enterprises/Servpro 
The process is overwhelming, but your staff’s patience with me delaying so often, was greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey, Hireclout, Inc.
Your services were comprehensive, you guys were always there to support us along the way.

William, UHL Ventures, LLC 
All very nice, patient, understanding & super helpful especially trying to complete the application during Covid.

Matt, Pioneer Products Inc 
The attention to details and full knowledge of the process. I absolutely could not have completed this process without your help.

Linda, EPACT, Inc.: Empowering Parents & Children Today
I very much appreciated that the staff were knowledgeable, courteous, and patient with me.

Steven, Visual App Inc
Very professional and organized.

Matthew, Korchek Technologies, LLC
All documentation templates were very well organized and designed, to make filling them out easy. The staff was very attentive to detail and they were quick to catch any errors that were made by me during the process. The approval process went very smoothly due in large part to the staff’s efforts.

James, Universal Security Guard Association, Inc
Staff was extremely helpful throughout the process

Abby, Express Restoration Inc.
I appreciated the quick responses with the team.   Anytime that I had questions or concerns they would guide me to get those answered quickly and calm my fears.

Brian, BMB Consulting LLC
The assistance from the staff helped us win the award. The staff helped through every step guiding us with helpful input which was invaluable. I am grateful to have worked with such professionals and even after the contract was awarded helped answer questions and guide our organization through the process.

Susan, Excelon Associates
I liked that the service covered from A-Z and I always had someone to speak with during this process. My interactions were always positive.

Erik, PED-Stuart Corporation
Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful.

The hand holding throughout the process and every staff member was exceptional during the process. 

Art, Two Rivers Group
The staff seemed very knowledgeable and Staff answered questions to my satisfaction. 

Raafat, RMG Security Inc, ASAP Security
Learning about the process and having the opportunity to work with government contracts.

Ron, 3rd Eye Technologies, Inc.
The responsiveness of the processing department.